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Meet Shiri

I'm glad you're here! That shows you're interested in taking control of your  health and happiness - and I would love to help you with that! I'm a Functional  Nutritionist , Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN) and HTMA (hair tissue mineral analysis) Practitioner .  I love to work with highly motivated people who are ready to take charge of their lives in order to step into a healthier, more energetic state.

I am a true believer that our bodies are naturally designed to heal when

supported properly. By balancing the body's chemistry and emotional needs,  I help you reach optimal energetic health and connect to inner happiness through guided emotional fitness.


Shiri Mesica  chn,fdnp

Functional  Nutritionist

Complimentary 20-Minute
Health Assessment Consultation


Schedule a 20 minute phone call with me. Ask me your questions and let's go over how I can help you.

How I Can Help You


Our body is unbelievably intelligent, but surprisingly, it can not differentiate between the various types of stressors it encounters daily, for example; work related stress, toxic relationships, over scheduled life, pesticides, infections, chemicals. Our body creates the same stress response to all of these stressors. Chronic Unaddressed Stressors derail the body's ability to maintain balance and optimal health eventually resulting in a state of dysfunction and metabolic chaos.

I help identify the hidden stressors that are causing metabolic chaos and dysfunction in the body. I then restore balance and optimal health by balancing body's chemistry. I do this by utilizing functional lab assessments  that provide information about healing opportunities within the Hormonal system, Immune system, Digestive system and Detoxification system. Once stressors are uncovered and healing opportunities are revealed, I customize a drugless wellness protocol that brings about transformational healing and energetic health.

Through our sessions, my clients acquire control of their lives and cultivate the health and energy to live it with clarity, happiness, productivity and optimism.

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"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food"

- Hippocrates

Optimal Health Tips, and Q&A


Visit my blog for optimal health information, holistic life-style tips, product reviews, and answers to frequently asked questions. Email me a question and I'll answer in my blog!

Herbal Remedies
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