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6 Spices That'll Keep You Cool on a Hot Day!

As summer heats up, most of us can't help but cling to a chilled drink. I know that feeling but wait, don't reach out for it just yet. The truth is that frosty foods cool you down but their effect is not everlasting and could be rather villainous. Scientifically, after the initial icy shock once the digestive process kicks in these foods generate more heat in the body. Your internal temperature falls so suddenly that to compensate for it your body temperature rises over time. You end up feeling the you way were - baked and bothered.

It's hot outside and inside too. The superheroes of health are some spices that beat the heat, internally. They can give any meal a credible kick and work as coolants by regulating your metabolism. According to Ayurvedic practise, our body is governed by three doshas or energies which are vatta,pitta and kapha.'Pitta' rules metabolism and digestion. Heat intensifies the pitta dosha which can lead to inflammation, heart burns, acne and sweating. Certain spices bring about a balance between these energies with their cooling nature. Have a look at the ones that promise to keep you cool this summer.

Mint:Few herbs are as diverse as the mint. It is packed with menthol which acts as a remedy for indigestion and chest pains. It disperses the excess energy released due to the digestive process by opening up and activating the pores in the skin and thus pacifies the aggravated pitta.

Saunf (Fennel):Popular as a mouth freshener, saunf is an excellent source of Vitamin C. It is known to calm the inflammation caused in the body due to the heat. It peps up the flow of digestive and gastric juices in body.

Quick tip: Soak the fennel seeds in water overnight. Strain the water and drink up with honey, black salt, lemon and all that you fancy. This makes for an instant summer energizer.

Turmeric: A spotlight for this Ayurvedic favourite and wonder spice. Spices with a bitter character are known for their cooling mojo. It reduces pain and swelling in the body. It cleanses the liver juices and purifies the blood. Turmeric also contains curcumin, a chemical that promotes healthy heart functions.

Green Cardamom:It is known as the 'tridoshic' as it balances all the three energies or doshas in our body. It counteracts the excessive stomach acids. Ground cardamom seeds help to cure stomach cramps.

Coriander (Cilantro): It tones down the excess of fire or pitta in our body caused due to the heat. Its high volatile oil content makes it a great relaxant and helps relieve anxiety. The powder, the seeds and the fresh leaves are packed with a vibrant nutritional punch. They improve appetite and aid digestion.



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