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About Shiri



Uncovering the hidden stressors that trigger metabolic chaos and degradation of health

Restoring balance and optimal health

Balancing body chemistry through

HTMA hair tissue mineral analysis

Heavy metal detoxification

Food sensitivities

Lab guided Diets according to individual metabolic type


Gastrointestinal Microbial Essay plus

DUTCH  Dry Urine Test for Comprehensive Hormones


   My Story



          Years ago, I went through a difficult time in my life. My stress levels were high and my nutrition was poor. I fell ill with the flu and was given antibiotics to treat my strep throat. These antibiotics led to poor gut flora and colitis. In a short period of time, I was given another round of even harsher antibiotics - resulting in the crash of my immune system and adrenal fatigue. 


           For 12 months, I was running in circles between stumped physicians. My labs all came back normal, yet I wasn't feeling well. I was frustrated and overwhelmed. I felt alone and completely helpless. I was in constant fear of the worst, anxious of the unknown.


          I decided to take charge of my own health and try the alternative, holistic approach.

I felt very strongly that if I would give my body everything that it needed, I would get my health back. 


            With the help of my mentors, I changed my diet, my mindset and my spirit. I was dedicated to the process and within a few months, I  succeeded in restoring my health. I discovered  that food was true medicine and that the harmonious connection between our mind, body and spirit was the only solution for energetic health.


            Full of gratitude, I wanted to help people reach their optimal health through the natural path. To support them in the emotional and physical process of healing so that they won't ever feel alone, misunderstood, frustrated or overwhelmed on their unique journey to wellness.


          I expanded my knowledge by gaining a formal education and certification as a Holistic clinical Nutritionist, and functional diagnostic practitioner. Today, as a functional holistic nutritionist,  I yearn to share my experience with people who are dealing with health issues and want to live a happy, healthy and productive life - to be a support system and guide through the amazing journey of self discovery and energetic health.


         This process is gradual and doesn't happen overnight, but I confidently assure that it does deliver results when done correctly with compliance and patience.

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